SFD Wallet version

?SFD Wallet version has been released!?
⏱️Pls update wallets till 25 November 00:00 UTC⏱️

Windows Setup:
Windows GUI:
Windows Console:


How to update Windows:
Close your wallet, and install with Setup to same folder OR make direct replacement exist safedeal-qt.exe by the new.

How to update Ubuntu:

  • Stop daemon
    ./safedeal-cli stop
  • Delete previous archive(if exist), download and extract new
    rm -f rm -f sfd-ubuntu18.04-daemon.tar.gz && wget && tar -xf sfd-ubuntu18.04-daemon.tar.gz
  • Start new daemon

If you have Masternode, you need to restart it from main wallet after daemon update!

What’s new:
-Increasing POS speed
-Some decreasing future SFD emissions
-Wallet improvements
-Other changes look at github

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