We are proud to announce that the SAFE DEAL BRIDGE was released for public use!


What is SFD Bridge?
The Bridge is an online service built to transfer SFD coins to wSFD tokens and back. This is the easiest way to move SFD between the main SFD Blockchain and other chains.

Why we spent so much time developing the Bridge?
The Masternode coins area is very small. To move forward we need to push boundaries. With help of the Bridge SFD coin can be moved to huge chains like Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. The Bridge codebase is very flexible and our team can add support for any popular chain.

The Bridge can transfer only SFD coins?
At this moment yes. But we will open a listing program for other Masternode/Pos/Pow coins.
Now we are starting to study the primary interest among developers of other coins.
If you have your favorite coins and you want to open up new prospects for them, ask the developers to look at this page.

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