Results of 2020 Year

Our team wants to sum up the results of the outgoing year.
Safe Deal Project only 4 months old but we have achieved a lot in this short period.

Here is some key achievements:
✅ Raised in high positions on the and continues to be a good investment
✅ Listed on Coingecko, got to 633 position and continues growing
✅ Audited by CoinMarketCap, took to 903 position and keep moving forward
✅ Listed on 5 Exchanges
✅ Listed on 150+ cryptocurrency related websites
✅ 200+ registered users on P2P platform (it’s still in development, but thanks for interest)

There were also unpleasant incidents:
❌ Altilly Exchange was hacked and we lost a decent amount that was stored on the dev account
❌ We prevented hacker attack on P2P platform. Nothing was affected, but now we need to completely review the security system and the source code of the platform. Thanks to the hackers – they made us stronger.
❌ Core team member Alex was infected by covid and still feels bad, that also ruined some our plans

Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent to our project, we are sure that a bright future awaits Safe Deal Project and we will do everything for this.
Have happy holidays & happy New Year! Take care of yourself!

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