Listing on Simple Pos Pool

We are glad to announce Simple Pos Pool as our new Trusted partner

? SSP is a Stake and shared masternode platform –
Safe Deal announcement on SPP –
What makes SPP different? –

What does Simple Pos Pool offer:

? – Staking Pool
? – Shared Masternode
? – Dedicated Masternode
? – Cold masternode hosting (SImple Masternode) as low as $0.019/daily in BTC

? We pay stakes on coins with this specification
? Start with no limitations or barriers.
? Staking pools – no shares nor slots. All your balance outside a masternode will stake if the coin has PoS.
? Masternode pools – choose a masternode of your choice and acquire your slots.
? Instant rewards – no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling. If the masternode has an active status it means itŽs already rewarding. Follow the rewards on our discord.
? Withdrawals – no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
? Flexible management – you can deposit more coins and acquire even more masternode slots.
? Low fees and transparent fees – 3% on PoS stakes and 5% on masternode rewards. For a masternode with a monthly expected return below 100$ we have an addition of 1.99$ hosting fee.
? Fees paid in the same coin youŽre staking or masternode youŽre in.
? Earn without concerns: we take care of the wallet issues.


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